Gentry Hardwood Floors was founded in 2003 with a single idea of reviving the culturally preferred but deteriorating solid hardwood flooring market, by creating a hardwood floor that retains the inherent beauty and performance of the tradition solid hardwood floors, with the additional benefits of the dimensional stability and versatility of the modern day's engineered wood floors. The result is the birth of a patented invention of the Solid-Hybrid hardwood floors, the Eco-Hybrid hardwood floors, and the patent-pending Fiber-Hybrid hardwood floors, which is designed to be more stable than the engineered wood floors, plus the Fusion-Hybrid hardwood floors which use 100% recycled sawmill leftovers as its raw material.

Gentry's commitment to preserve the future of our environment is by utilizing its practical innovations to create the most beautiful, environmentally conscious and economically viable hardwood flooring products to meet the ever changing demands of today's clients without compromising the natural environments for future generations.

The newly patented manufacturing processes, the advanced Ceramic Oxide finish coatings and the patented versatile Next Generation hardwood floors are some of the proofs of Gentry's position as a leader in practical innovations in the hardwood flooring industry.